Efficient & Scalable Design Solutions

Having a design system ensures uniformity throughout your team's processes, streamlining their workflows by recycling components and templates for maximum efficiency.
Allow your team to adapt quickly to new technologies by creating an environment of collaboration between designers & developers and increasing the quality of the end product.
A scalable design system ensures a seamless workflow by eliminating redundant efforts such as rebuilding screens from scratch or repeating manual tasks.

Design Systems

The use of design systems has become increasingly popular in recent years, as organizations are looking for ways to create consistent visual experiences that are easily accessible and scalable across all of their digital products. Design systems provide a structure or framework for organizing, maintaining, and improving the look and feel of interfaces while simultaneously providing guidelines that developers can follow when creating new designs.

At Cambridge Motion, our team of experienced designers understands the importance of having a well-crafted design system in place. We specialize in creating comprehensive style guides that help maintain consistency across all your digital products while also allowing you to easily update your design elements if needed. Our experts use the latest technologies and design trends to develop an efficient and intuitive interface that can be used throughout your entire organization for both web development and branding.

A good design system helps ensure that users have a cohesive experience from product to product, which results in more conversions and customer satisfaction overall. With our knowledgeable team on board, we are able to integrate your existing brand identity into the style guide so that it looks professional and polished. Additionally, by utilizing various design principles such as contrast, symmetry, composition, typography, colors, etc., our expert designers are able to create an aesthetically pleasing user experience that is both effective and engaging.

We understand the importance of having a unified look across all digital platforms and strive to create aesthetically pleasing websites or applications with minimal effort while still maintaining scalability and consistency throughout each product. Let Cambridge Motion help you craft a successful Design System today!

Our Process

Establishing a comprehensive design system for your brand starts with gaining an in-depth understanding of the business, its goals, and its target audience. We create tailor-made style guides to ensure continuity across all visual elements from typography to iconography; followed by developing reusable components like buttons, forms, or menus that match your brand message.

Each component undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a functioning, user-friendly experience across all platforms. Our team also provides helpful recommendations on how best to optimize the components in order for you to get the most out of them – whether it’s through mobile devices or web browsers.

At any step of the creative process, a collaboration between designers and developers is essential to guarantee designs won’t be hindered by technical boundaries or costly implementation. To stay ahead of ever-changing demands, a comprehensive design system documentation ensures effortless maintenance and future updates!

Get inspired by our happy clients

Our satisfied customers confirm that we are committed to providing top-quality service reliably and efficiently. We understand the importance of your time, so our team works diligently to complete each project swiftly and meticulously.

We have been working with Cambridge Motion for over three years now. We have completed multiple projects, and it has always been a pleasure working with them. The most recent one was the design of the native iOS and Android apps for BlindChat (an online dating app). Cambridge Motion's professionalism, quality and detail has been second to none. We would be thrilled to work with them again in the future.
Dimitris Giannitsaros
Dimitris Giannitsaros
Co-founder of Sidebar IKE
We’ve been working with Cambridge Motion for 3 years now, in designing a Freelancer Management System. Designing a new category in the making, is a challenging endeavour as it requires the design team to exhibit a deep business understanding of the requirements and pain-points of large enterprise clients. The team behind CM manages to continuously mask underlying system complexities with intuitive UI solutions and simple user experiences. Our clients’ raving reviews for TalentDesk.io are a testament to CM’s attention to detail, creativity, iterative approach to complex designs and solid product sense. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Sotiris Michalakos
Sotiris Michalakos
CTO of TalentDesk.io
Our initial partnership with CM was an unexpectedly delightful and enriching experience. We worked together to enhance our offerings, providing cloud-based QR menus for catering businesses and QR guides for accommodation establishments. In addition to enhancing aesthetics that significantly better our users' experience, CM has developed a seamlessly integrated and flawless design system to facilitate the smooth development of our products. The professionalism, profound grasp of our requirements, and strict adherence to timelines were key factors that contributed to the remarkable success of our collaboration with CM. We look forward to collaborating with you again in the future. Many thanks!
Nadia Matha
Nadia Matha
Co-Owner of Wifi Catalogue
We commissioned Cambridge Motion to design Coinlib.io (a complex and responsive website tracking cryptocurrency prices) from scratch. The team at CM understood the requirements quickly, delivered striking and effective creative work and stayed with us long after we went live to iron out a number of details. It was a pleasure working with them and I hope we'll get to work together again in the future.
Charis Ermopoulos
Charis Ermopoulos
Owner of Coinlib.io
Working with Cambridge Motion has been a very professional and enjoyable experience. From the first meetings we held, they completely realised and understood the project we had in mind for the complete redesign of our travel website. Their ideas helped us achieve the design we had in mind and delivered on all of our goals we had set up from the beginning, always on time. Their support has also been exceptional throughout the last year, always with swift and prompt replies. We hope to be able to work with them on a new project in the future.
Triantafyllos Psaras
Triantafyllos Psaras
Director of Nissia Holidays